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Tales from the Astral Plane

February 11th, 2011

I knew that all was not right with my world when my husband brought me my daily wake-up of extra bold, and I felt blue all over, my whole body rejecting it. I was either pregnant or all hell was about to cut loose on planet Gwen.

I was not pregnant.

The next three days I surfed the astral plane of delirium and rode the magic carpet of my queen-sized bed. I would wake up in pools of sweat with my teeth chattering. I had the time to chat with my body and comment on the wild party going on within. (Writer’s note: No Nyquil or meds were involved in the writing of this entry.) 

 During one of my magic carpet rides I was walking down the streets of India with Lakshmi, the many-armed bearer of wealth, prosperity, and abundance, who let it be known on no uncertain terms that I would learn as much if not more about my truest self from my sick bed in Bloomington as I could here on the streets of India. I awoke sick as ever but a bit relieved. As a yogini, I always felt it was my obligation to walk the streets of Calcutta and go back to the place where my way of life all began. Now, somehow, I felt off the hook.

Thank you, Lakshmi.

Well, I am back off to my magic carpet (bed), where maybe Lakshmi will be waiting for me with more divine wisdom. Be well, but if not, enjoy riding the astral plane!

Gwen Linden-Bruzek, Teacher and Ayurvedic Health Educator

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