Char Adelman

Char Adelmann

Yoga & Meditation Teacher


For many years Char lived from the wise words of her Grandma Gee, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts." This became her mantra to survive our culture’s obsession with ‘looking good.' In the meantime, her lack of attention to her outward appearance facilitated her lack of attention to the health of her body. Char remembers, "As I lost touch with my body, I began to discover an inner knowing that something was missing."

In 2003 Char's journey took an exquisite turn as she found peace within her body on her yoga mat. After her first yoga class she knew that she would become a yoga teacher. Char said, "Through yoga I became conscious of my body as an intricate part of my soul's experience as a human being, and I am called to share this wonderful realization with the world."

Char graduated from Green Lotus' RYT 200-hour Teacher Training/Advanced Studies program in 2012. She has taken additional training at Green Lotus in hot fusion, yin, restorative, and adaptive yoga. She is trained with David Kaley in reiki and has attained the level or Reiki Master. She teaches hot fusion, yin, and meditation. Char also conducts ancestral divinations, having received her divination training from Teri Leigh Schmidt and Elder designation from Malidoma Patrice Some.

"My mission," Char says, "is to continue to learn, grow, and share to raise our collective consciousness. When we realize we are all equal, we will all rise. Love!"


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