Dr. Alicia Swalley

Dr. Alicia Swalley

Reiki Energy Healing

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As a teenager Alicia was introduced to yoga to manage back pain. Over time, her practice evolved to incorporate mind and spirit. Alicia’s journey led her to study and practice classical raja yoga, various tantric traditions, yoga nidra, and mindfulness meditation. Alicia completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Green Lotus in 2018, and she is an RYT-200 yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. In addition to her yoga practice, Alicia worked in the field of mental health for 10 years. She completed her doctorate degree in clinical psychology in 2014 and practiced as a psychologist prior to transitioning to a life more centrally focused on yoga, meditation, and the healing arts. As a yoga teacher, Alicia is passionate about creating a warm and welcoming environment for students, one where they can explore their personal yoga and meditation practices. 

Alicia has also been a Reiki practitioner for five years; she completed her Reiki Master training in 2017. Alicia’s years of practice and experience across multiple disciplines contribute to a deep understanding of the importance of balancing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels for joyful engagement in life. Reiki can be one part of that process. As these levels of being come into balance, people often are inspired to give back to others through compassionate service using their own special gifts. As a steward of the Reiki healing process, Alicia sees herself as a support for people in strengthening their own inner teachers and healers. Reiki sessions with Alicia are devoted to the respect and safety of those with whom she works while they take their own journeys. Although Alicia has a background in clinical psychology, she does not provide psychological services as part of her Reiki sessions.   


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