Lisa Roesner

Lisa Roesner

Life Coach

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Who are you? What do you want in your life? And how do you want to get there? These are some of the questions you will pursue in a Life Coaching session with Lisa. You may be grappling with an awareness that something in your life is not quite right and is showing up as discomfort, discontent, or dis-ease. In her sessions Lisa helps to center your life according to your values, beliefs, and dreams. Her goal is to support you in creating a life that you love. Through conversations of discovery she helps you clarify aspects of your life that need attention and gives actionable guidance to take steps to address them. And through the integration of and inspiration from wisdom teachings old and new, we will harness the power of thoughts and actions.

Change need not be painful; you can have fun exploring different paths available to you. Authentic power occurs when your personality is aligned with your soul. Through techniques that shift your thinking from your head to your heart Lisa will help you center your life in authenticity and hold the space for you to do heart work.

Lisa has a B.S. in psychology from the College of St. Benedict and a minor in theology, an M.A. from St. Mary’s University in Counseling and Psychological Services, and is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Spiritual Coach through Fowler Wainwright International.

She has been married for more than 25 years and has four daughters. She was raised in a rural environment and lived in the Twin Cities for the past 30 years. She has eight brothers and sisters and 30-plus nieces and nephews. She has buried both of her parents after navigating the world of assisted- living and nursing homes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the keen insight, compassion and direction these past months. I know I would not be in the good place I am today without the benefit of your expertise in helping me in this time of crises. You are truly gifted in what you do and I am so grateful to God for sending me to you!
~ Debbie M.


Life Coaching Services Pricing

60-minute session, $100
Three 60-minute sessions, $270
90-minute session, $140
Three 90-minute sessions, $378
A free consultation is available. 


I had the great honor and privilege of being coached by Lisa Roesner. She has a natural way of bringing out your deepest dreams and desires to awareness. With her help I have been able to format clearly the full outline of my newest book. She is so comfortable and easy to be with. I know she will be an effective asset to all who go to her. I am truly grateful for having met her.
~ Christine A.

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