Mariah Bowen

Mariah Bowen

Massage, CranioSacral, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga & Cupping Therapy

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Mariah is dedicated to affecting positive change in each client — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually — through bodywork that is intuitive, anatomically informed, energetic, and customized to best address any pattern of disharmony. She takes a proactive, holistic, and integrative approach to healthcare, individualizing bodywork treatments through energetic healing: Swedish, therapeutic, rehabilitative, trigger-point massage, craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, Thai yoga bodywork, ampuku, and traditional Chinese medicine modalities including auricular therapy and cupping.

Mariah developed her passion for the maintenance of the human form and spirit from a place of reverence and wonder. Growing up in the tiny Athabaskan village of Tanana, Alaska, she learned to harvest, subsist, and observe. She cultivated gratitude for every last pebble and snowflake and was humbled by the power of the river, the wind, the northern lights. Nature taught her the tao before she ever heard it described. She remains a lifelong student of nature, cycles, growth, and decay. A winding road has led her from her home on the Yukon river to graduate from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, to spend five years raising two beautiful daughters in Washington, D.C., to relocate to the Twin Cities, and to discover bodywork as her mode of serving and promoting health. She completed the East/West program at CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu school. Bringing a third daughter into the world in the summer 2015 has been her most recent joy.

Mariah offers clients the opportunity to stop and breathe, to reconnect with themselves, and to affirm that in order to live full, satisfying lives, their bodies need to be utilized, respected, cared for, and celebrated. She finds it rewarding to work with people of all sorts, particularly those most needing healing. It is her calling and a great honor to help people navigate the delicate space between their structural bodies and their ethereal well-being.


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