Michael Sala

Michael Sala

Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Counselor & Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapist


Michael’s therapeutic approach incorporates the core tenets of yoga, health realization, and a variety of other models and strategies that he has utilized in his eighteen years of social work practice. He believes in looking at the self holistically and integrating interventions at multiple levels. With an emphasis on growth and development, he will both guide and collaborate with you to connect with your innate health, to gain a greater sense of balance in life, and to evolve toward your true self.

Being mentally and emotionally healthy is not simply the absence of a diagnosable condition. It is defined by characteristics such as:

  • Feeling good about oneself
  • Managing low and high moods
  • Coping with changes and challenges
  • Tolerating and recovering from distress
  • Being able to solve problems
  • Showing empathy and compassion
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Having healthy relationships

Health Realization

Health Realization is a therapeutic model based on this way of thinking about mental health, rather than focusing on mental illness. The basic principles include:

We each have something called innate health (or core health), which is made up of qualities such as wisdom, various intelligences, creativity, intuition, and compassion.
Innate health is already and always present. There is no need to get it from outside of yourself.
It is, however, often covered up to some degree by life experiences.
Guidance, practices, and effort can help uncover innate health and allow it to prevail.
The primary means to improved access to innate health is a calm mind.

These principles are strikingly similar to the foundational concepts of yogic philosophy and psychology. Yoga, though it is known in the West primarily as physical exercise, is foremost a science of the mind as well as a guide for living, for spiritual evolution, and for connecting with the True Self, which is whole and perfect.

Realizing our innate wholeness and perfection can be a difficult task, especially when the inevitable changes and challenges of life become overwhelming or when our daily patterns of thought or behavior become obstacles. Whatever the case, we all have the power to change and grow, to find comfort and happiness in our daily lives.

About Michael

Michael has been a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in MN since 2006 and has been a professional Social Worker since 1997. His journey toward truer Self took a significant turn when he decided to become a professional social worker. During his 16-year career in social service agencies and special education, he became a yoga enthusiast, then a yoga teacher. He eventually added Thai Bodywork Therapist to his credentials, which lead him to also explore energy therapies. Most recently, he completed two years of personal and professional development, living, learning, and traveling abroad, primarily in India.


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