Tina Honsey

Tina Honsey

Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor, and Annandale Licensee

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Tina's story began somewhere else but now is firmly, and happily, rooted in beautiful Annandale. It goes like this: 

Tina was running from task to task: teaching high-energy fitness classes, managing privately held businesses, and living an abundant life. Even though she thought she was happy, something was missing. She could feel that so she listened to her body instead of her mind. She was tired. The race of life consumed her time and energy.  

With the help of a new friend - Elizabeth Cabalka - Tina stepped onto her mat in 2017. Guided by Elizabeth’s gentle encouragement, Tina found an internal place to be still, a refuge in which to create space and spaciousness. As she slowed down and felt her way forward, Tina discovered she could speed up at will, now with clarity and focus. All along, Tina continued to return to her mat and deepen her yoga practice. Combined with her understanding of and appreciation for fitness, she met another new friend - balance - in life. 

She felt compelled to share this balance, this ability to be still, with her high-energy fitness students. She completed her RYT 200 yoga teacher training at the end of summer 2018, all while continuing to teach in the fitness realm. The integration of the two disciplines of yoga and fitness - Tina also is a NETA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and a NETA Certified Personal Trainer - felt authentic and unique. 

A by-product of the friendship with Elizabeth and balance and with the melding of yoga and fitness is the expanded Green Lotus - Annandale. As the two women deepened their understanding of each other, they widened the lens of the Green Lotus mission and formed a partnership of growth, clarity, and focus. 

To the partnership and the mission, Tina brings more than 20 years of business and management experience to Green Lotus. Her strategic mindset and candid communication have helped her to lead many teams to a high level of success. She does this with high expectations, delivering what is best for customers, leading a team with the ability to laugh and celebrate each person’s unique strengths. She is also passionate about helping others explore their path to be their best; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

Tina has been a member of the Annandale community since 2009. She and her family, husband Matt, son Brett, and daughter Olivia, live - and serve - there in a variety of capacities. 

The story ends with this: When you pause for stillness and to listen, new approaches to life emerge. They did for Tina, and they can for you. 


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