Fall Harvest

Retreat to Lazy I Ranch

September 14, 2019

Hosted by Tracy Hovde

lazy i ranch cow.jpg

Unplug & Unwind
Join us for yoga in the barn with live music, fun farm activities, and more! The Lazy I Ranch retreat will weave together yoga, walks, live music, and fun activities. We are excited about this wonderful annual opportunity to have a retreat hosted by Green Lotus manager and teacher Tracy Hovde at her farm home.

Central Theme of the Retreat: Harvest
In reverence to our location, Harvest is the theme of the retreat - an opportunity to practice yoga that is accessible and nurturing and to experience the rich diversity and the bounty of nature. It will be in abundant display at Lazy I Ranch!

All Levels of Yoga Experience Welcome
Both beginners and more advanced yogis are very welcome to practice yoga in the barn with live music. The retreat has been designed to accommodate different levels of experience for yoga, and the poses will be adapted for that. The day will include optional activities that allow for creativity and expression and also provide a chance to rest and renew. You will be part of a group of participants who will be attending for many different reasons and will have a variety of choices in how to spend your day.

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Serene Location
Lazy I Ranch, located 12 miles East of Clear Lake, WI, is about a 90-minute drive from the Twin Cities into the beautiful farmland of Wisconsin.

What to Bring
Solid, closed shoes or boots are a must for visiting a farm, of course, and for taking walks. Pack your mat, bug spray, sunscreen, extra clothes or layers, a camera, and dollars for shopping from a selection of goods from local farmers and artists. You are welcome to bring wine or a similar beverage to accompany the fresh, organic meals if you wish.

Organic Delicious Food
Two delicious meals, brunch and dinner, will be provided, lovingly prepared and locally sourced.

Music & Henna Body Art
Pablo Charis will be playing guitar and singing during yoga class in the barn. Jenna Holzer will be available for henna tattoos, or mehndi, a 5,000-year-old form of body art which uses a natural paste to temporarily stain skin in a beautiful design. Jenna has many options and prices for her custom henna designs and will discuss with you onsite.

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What's Next
When you register for the retreat, you will be emailed a form that gives us emergency contact information, health information, advance knowledge of allergies, or any other special things we should know about you. A more complete agenda will be provided prior to the leaving for Lazy I Ranch as well.


Refunds and Cancellations:  All cancellations must be in writing. Because our retreats tend to have a wait list, if you cancel by August 1, half of the fee will be refunded to your Green Lotus account. No refunds will be made after August 1.

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