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Intro Meditation Lounge - 10 Days $50

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Intro to the Meditation Lounge 

Have you struggled with learning to meditate? Are you not reaping the benefits you expect from your meditation practice?  Ever feel like you are simply not doing it right?  Try the technology of the Meditation Lounge. Designed by a neurologist, years of research created the technology to lull your brain into a state of effortless relaxation and meditation.  Try if for yourself with this introductory offer of 10 days of 25-minute sessions. 


Initially I called it the "happy chair", but after five years of using the Soltec Lounge, it has become so much more. I no longer take medication for high blood pressure and my chronic sciatica pain has gone away. I am a happier person and its been an incredible experience. I am very grateful. .
~ Wendy


I've been meditating for over a decade. The meditation lounge helps me get into a deeper state of meditation and relaxation more quickly and easily. Afterwards I feel very relaxed, happy, and "floaty".
~ Angela