Release habituated patterns that cause tension and pain

Rolfing structural integration is a hands-on method that employs slow, sustained pressure with the goal to release habituated patterns that cause tension and pain. Through a series of sessions, you will learn how to let go of restrictive patterns and relate to your body’s sensations differently while appreciating the subtleties. As the tone of your soft tissue resets, your coordination, posture, range of motion, and body awareness improves you become more adaptable and resilient to life's stressors. Rolfing has been useful for clients experiencing back pain, chronic or long term pain, postural imbalance as well as clients working to cultivate a deeper personal awareness.

Rolfing is about cultivating awareness in service of change. Perhaps you are looking to change your relationship to your old slouchy posture and the way that posture reinforces a sense of lack of empowerment. Or possibly you no longer remember when a pain started and you are ready to change how you relate to that nagging sensation and the hold that it has had over your self-image. Rolfing allows you to make changes in your body, the way you move, and the way you feel. 

Rolfing provided by:

To schedule a Rolfing appointment with Grant please call: 952.479.5343 or stop by the Eden Prairie center. 

Rolfing Rates

Rolfing Session, $160
Five Rolfing Sessions, $760
Ten Rolfing Sessions, $1520

Prices do not include applicable sales tax.