Vedic Astrology

Also Known as Jyotish, the Astrology of Yogis

Have you ever wondered what is written in your stars? The ancient vedic sages of India have been studying the stars and cosmic alignment and applying the art of astrology for centuries. Sometimes referred to as Jyotish, which translates from Sanskrit as “science of light’, vedic astrology is the astrology of yogis. It can give valuable clues to understanding your life’s journey. Through careful analysis of the cosmic influences upon your life, vedic astrology can help you to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and challenges to realize your full potential and to fulfill your dharma or life’s purpose.

Vedic astrology is different than the astrology we are familiar with in the West. The fundamental  difference is that vedic astrology looks at the sidereal zodiac, based on the observable positions of the constellations, while Western astrology focuses on the tropical zodiac, based on the relative and changeable position of the sun. Because of this Western astrology isn’t able to take into account a phenomenon called “precession”, a wobble in the axial spin of the Earth. Precession creates a change of about one degree every 72 years so by the time most of us were born the tropical positions used by Western astrology have moved about 24 degrees.  The effect of the wobble places us in an entirely different astrological sign. Have you always thought you were an Aquarius?  Maybe not. Vedic astrology uses a more precise charting system that takes into account the effects of precession and is therefore more accurate by several degrees.

In a vedic astrology reading you learn about the relationship between the planets and constellations at the time of your birth. This gives clues about your personality, physical body, emotional body, your interactions with the world, and the relationships you form.  You also will learn which planet has the most influence in your life currently.  By learning about planetary influences we can navigate life more harmoniously.  The planetary periods change and vary, and we can adjust our lifestyle choices to engender greater health, happiness, and ease as we navigate these shifting cosmic energies. Uncover the cosmic truths lying within you.

Vedic Astrology Rates

Gwen needs a week after receiving your intake form (below) that includes your birth information (date, time, location) to prepare your chart for your appointment. Because of this intense preparation, online scheduling for this service is unavailable.

Vedic astrology reading 75min, $175

Follow-up reading to delve deeper into your chart 60min, $65

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