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The Opportunity for You as an Entrepreneur: Licensing Green Lotus 


Investment Requirements

Every successful business needs the right amount of capital and financial stability to get started and grow. Under our licensing agreement, we require our prospects to qualify at a $250,000 investment level.

Applicants for a Green Lotus license will meet the following requirements:

  • $75,000 - Cash or liquid assets
  • $175,000 - Equity or assets available to use as collateral to obtain financing

Unlike a franchise, the ongoing fees are affordable and not based on a percentage of sales:

  • Initial investment to open ranges from $150,000 to $350,000, depending on location, real estate, and business model selected
  • Initial licensing fee is $25,000 for first license and $15,000 for each additional one
  • Term of Licensing Agreement: one year, auto-renewing
  • Continuing Licensing Fee: $250 - $500 per month

All fees detailed in Licensing Agreement.

Training and Support

Green Lotus partners and staff provide you the support you need to get up and running. As a licensee, you will get:

  • Brand integrity & gold-standard guidelines
  • Business planning
  • Assistance in finding real estate
  • Management software and financial administration training
  • A powerful, conversion-optimized website
  • Training in staff recruitment
  • Clarity & simplified policy and procedures

Ready to begin?