Bobby Sullivan

Bobby Sullivan

Intuitive, Past-Life Regression Facilitator & Reiki Practitioner


Nothing about Bobby Sullivan's quick wit and laid-back approach speaks of his unusual gifts. Take a closer look, though, and you'll find that Bobby ventured down a road that has taken him a long way from where he started. After a long career as a senior executive in the Minneapolis advertising industry, Bobby developed his intuitive and healing abilities possessed from an early age.
In 1998, Bobby signed up for a class taught by well-known author Echo Bodine. “Meeting Echo for the first time was like seeing a long-lost friend. We quickly became close, and after a year of being her student, she asked me to work along side her as a teaching assistant," Bobby says.  In early 2005 Bobby partnered with Echo to open up “The Center,” a healing and teaching facility located in South Minneapolis.
Bobby has since left “The Center” and offers classes on numerous meta-physical topics at different venues around the country. As well as developing his practice as a healer, ghost buster, and past-life regression facilitator, Bobby is respected for his aura energy readings. During these sessions he uses his intuitive abilities to interpret the auras of his clients he photographs with his aura-imaging equipment. “It is really fun for people to actually see how what is happening in their lives can show up in their auras," he explains.

“The energy of the world is changing quickly,” Bobby says. “My mission is to be a catalyst for people who are looking to understand, embrace, and find their place in this change. The last undiscovered frontier is going to be the ability to explore what’s inside of each one of us. I hope my work can spread some light for people that are willing to take this journey”.


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Amy Vasterling

Amy Vasterling

Intuitive Pathfinder

Amy has an intuitive for many years and started reading for others in 2007. She is a self-taught intuitive who believes each of us has this ability. Amy defines an intuitive pathfinding role as one who shares information in a motivational way helping you through this information to build half of a bridge. Then she shares tools you can use to fully bridge the expanse of the situation.  By nature Amy is a teacher and counselor which is a perfect match to intuitive reading.

Her two favorite things are a bustling city and the quiet woods. Growing up in Minneapolis made room for both of these desires. As well as being a reader she is an artist with a B.A. degree in Fine Art from Hamline University. She has trained to Level 3 Spring Forest Qigong.

When not doing intuitive readings or making art, Amy can be found cross-country skiing, biking, knitting, reading books, or playing with her kids, husband, and cats.

Intuitive Reading Services Pricing

Private Reading, 30 minutes, $65
Private Reading, 60 minutes, $120

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