Past-Life Regression

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Many believe that we have lived many lives on this planet. In doing so, we have also experienced different personalities, lifestyles, relationships, and many different lessons. If we have not finished something from a previous life, it is possible that we will bring it forward with us to work on in our current life.

A past-life regression session is a wonderful way to identify, process, and transform unresolved issues, beliefs, or attachments.  It is a very simple process that involves going back and remembering what happened and looking at how you processed the event at the time.

In facilitating a regression Bobby looks for things like unfinished business, limiting vows that you may have made, trauma, or un-grieved loss that occurred, and helps the client reprocess the event and bring completion to it. Not all regressions need to be about problems.  It is also possible to recall positive lifetimes; lifetimes of mastery, gifts, talents, safety, lovability, worthiness, and feelings of entitlement. You may also recognize people in your life now from lives lived long ago.  Past-life regression is a therapeutic process that helps the client find healing and wholeness by embracing the dynamic journey our souls make. 

Past-Life Regression Practitioners

Some things that may indicate a past-life issue in your current life are:

  • Depression

  • Phobias

  • Obsessions

  • Strong sense of mission

  • Prejudice

  • Beliefs of destiny

  • Love at first sight

  • Obesity

  • Self-sacrifice

  • Feelings of not belonging

  • Unworthiness

  • Chronic medical problems

  • Fear of psychic abilities

  • Repeating patterns


Past-Life Regression Session Rate

90-minute session, $125