Thai Yoga Bodywork & Massage

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Thai yoga bodywork is a more active approach to bodywork that is performed on a padded floor mat instead of a table. You will remain fully clothed and no oils or lotions need to be applied. The therapist will use various parts of his or her body to open energy channels and break up toxins that are stored within your body. Passive stretching and gentle pressure along these energy channels releases the skeletal structure, increases your flexibility, and softens your muscle tissue.


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Thai Yoga Bodywork Rates & Packages

60-minutes, $75
90-minutes, $105
Three 60-minute sessions, $195
Three 90-minute sessions, $270

Above rates for sessions with Pablo Charis, and Mariah Bowen. Therapeutic massage packages apply. Tax not included.

60-minutes, $70
75-minutes, $90
90-minutes, $100

Above rates for sessions with Robin Davidson. Tax not included.