Ear Candling

With Acupressure, Head & Neck Massage


Ear candling, also called ear coning is an age-old remedy used to clear the ears and improve general health. A hollow candle-like wax cone is used. One end is placed in the ear, the other end is lit, creating soothing warm smoke that enters the ear canal, loosening and removing ear wax and toxins. Some clients have even reported debris from the sinuses and nasal passages being dislodged and released. Green Lotus uses only all natural beeswax ear candles, not the more common, cheaper paraffin ones that contain chemicals and solvents. The ear candling session also includes massage of the head and neck, pressing of acupressure points that release and open the sinuses, and lymphatic drainage massage.

Ear Candling Practitioners


Julie is a clearly an experienced ear candler and massage therapist. She candled both ears, then gave me a wonderful massage, working my neck, shoulders, and points on my face. My ears feel clearer, I can hear better, and the massage was very relaxing. Plus you would not believe the volume of stuff that came out of my ears! It was crazy.
~ Joti


Ear Candling Treatment Rates

30-minute ear candling with head and neck massage, $55

20-minute ear candling addition to a 60- or 90-minute massage, $40