New Teacher Submission Form

 Hello Licensees and Managers,

If you have a new teacher on your weekly class schedule please fill out the form below. This form is not needed for subs, workshop leaders, or those who teach occasionally.

For locations who share GLG’s MindBody system: After this form is submitted the teacher will be assigned a username, password, and permission group by GLG. These details will be emailed to the licensee or manager who submitted the form.

For all Green Lotus locations: After this form is submitted the teacher will be added to the website when the bio has been approved and an acceptable photo has been uploaded to the website team folder for your location.

Note: licensees and managers can create the teacher’s staff profile, schedule their classes, and assign them a pay rate at any time. These steps do not need to wait until after this form is submitted.

Licensee or manager's name *
Licensee or manager's name
Write your name here.
Teacher's name *
Teacher's name
Teacher's phone number *
Teacher's phone number
Teacher's address
Teacher's address
Teacher's start date *
Teacher's start date
Teacher bios should include information about their training, experience, and specialties. Also include their current Yoga Alliance designation. Bios should be written in third person active tone. If you refer to their experience in years, instead of saying "___ has been teaching for 10 years" say, "___ has been teaching since 2009."
Upload a head shot of the teacher to the Website Team folder for your location. Please make sure the photo is in focus, has good lighting, is shot in landscape orientation, and has plenty of margins. Avoid selfies.
Teaching locations *
Select the locations where this teacher has a weekly class. Do not select locations where they substitute teach, teach workshops, or teach only occasionally.
Licensee/manager tasks
A list of reminders to make sure your teacher is ready to go.
Is there anything else we should know? Do you have questions or concerns?
Would you like to print this form for your records?
Press "Ctrl + P" before you click "submit" and your completed form will print and/or save it as a PDF.