Jamie Klein

Jamie Klein

Esthetician & Skin Health Expert


Jamie received her first facial following the birth of her daughter and found the experience incredibly relaxing and pampering. She felt rejuvenated; she felt younger, looked younger, her skin glowed.  She was inspired by the transformative effect she experienced and found herself, two months later, enrolled in the Esthiology program at the Aveda Institute in Portland, Oregon. She decided to dive into her newfound passion and make it her career.

Jamie is passionate about esthiology, not only for treating skin concerns and beauty offerings like facials, waxing, brows, and lashes, but also for the balancing, revitalizing, and pampering she brings to each client.  Jamie has expertise in treating a wide range of skin concerns from acne to sun damage to uneven skin tone, but she is most passionate about the results of her anti-aging services including the Hydrafacial.  Both women and men see Jamie for her services to look and feel their best.

Jamie has advanced training in several areas including Ayurvedic Massage. It focuses on moving stagnant energy in the body and balancing the whole self. In her sessions she moves old energy out and releases it out of your head, arms, fingertips, legs, and feet.  This creates space for positive, flowing healthy energy.  Jamie says, “When you come in for a service with me, you are leaving with more than perfect eyebrows or smooth skin. You will walk out feeling refreshed and revitalized”.


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