Shelly Grant

Shelly Grant

Shelly Grant, MSW, LICSW practices Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Counseling at Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center of Eden Prairie. Shelly believes that the relationship between therapist and client is key, and she considers it a privilege to work with her clients and earn their trust. A life fully lived includes both pleasant and unpleasant emotions and experiences, many beyond our control or sphere of influence, and how we navigate - even allow, welcome, and embrace those emotions and experiences - is life-defining. Shelly focuses on her client's strengths and on helping them to identify their goals and values and, ultimately, how to build their unique life, a life that is truly and wholly worth living. 

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Dorothea Hrossowyc

Dorothea Hrossowyc MA, RMPA, ABMP

Rosen Method Somatic Bodywork & Self-Led Transformational Counseling


Dorothea Hrossowyc, MA, RMPA, ABMP, is passionate about human liberation beyond the stuck or held-back places, engaging emotional mindfulness in the embodied self to release stress, tension, old emotions, and beliefs. Dorothea can help you work with fear or other emotions that live in your unconscious and teach you how to allow your body to release them in natural healing ways. This process often creates immediate long-lasting relief from the physical pain that can accompany long-held emotional tension, along with a deep sense of emotional and physical ease.

Sessions with Dorothea are for those who want more consciousness in their lives and true mind-body-spirit-emotional work. She helps clients gain more self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.  She is skilled at working with the unconscious, as it is held in the body, and limits and blocks you. Dorothea's aim is to help you reclaim the natural healing processes in your body, to empower you in your personal life, to help you bloom into your full intelligence and creativity, and to live without self-imposed limits.

Dorothea trained with Rosen Method Founder Marian Rosen and is a certified teacher of Rosen Method Somatic Bodywork.  She also is trained in Hakomi Body Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma, Development, and Attachment Issues and is a Level III practitioner of Self Leadership, also known as Internal Family Systems. She leads workshops on many healing and liberating topics including somatic bodywork, listening skills, self-compassion, developing good boundaries, and healing early sexual and physical hurts and internalized oppression.

Dorothea is available for Rosen Method Somatic Bodywork appointments and Self-Led Transformational Counseling appointments for individuals and couples. 


Rosen Method, 60-minute session, $95*
Self-Led Transformational Counseling, 60-minute session, $95
Self-Led Transformational Counseling, 90-minute session, $148 

*Price doesn’t include sales tax



To schedule your first appointment in Lakeville contact Dorothea directly at 612.817.5777


Kris Koestner

Kris Koestner, LICSW

Psychotherapy & Therapeutic Counseling


Kris's 21 years of experience as a therapist took root because she engaged in her own individual therapy process and realized that this thing called therapy really did work!  At the time she was a secondary English teacher and a volunteer advocate for the Women's Resource Center in Watertown, South Dakota, a center she helped to create.  Through her commitment to women's issues and a desire to integrate more of her passions into her work life, she entered the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota, graduating with her MSW in 1990. 

Upon graduating she joined Lakewood Counseling and Career Center and started her own successful private practice, with an emphasis on women's issues.  Over the years her practice has expanded to include working with both men and women, including couples's counseling.  Her specialties include trauma and dissocciation, anxiety, depression, spirituality, self-esteem, and attachment issues.  She is trained as a Level II EMDR therapist.  EMDR is a therapeutic tool used to help clients metabolize trauma and resolve past abuse issues in a more effective and efficient way than traditional talk therapy alone.  In addition, EMDR can be used for strengthening the internal resources of clients in such situations as passing medical boards and exams, performance anxiety, job interviews, etc.  One of the reasons EMDR is so helpful is that it works with the whole body experience, not only thoughts and feelings, but also physical sensations and body memories. 

Kris works out of a relational model of therapy that focuses on a client's strengths and creates a collaborative approach to helping people achieve greater life satisfaction.  "Being a therapist is privileged work and I feel honored to walk with people on their life journey," Kris says.

From the beginning of her therapy practice she has wanted to somehow integrate talk therapy with body work.  Being at Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center is an answer to that lifelong dream of continued integraton between body, mind, and spirit. 

Kris has lived in Lakeville since 1992.  She and her husband are the parents of two adult children: a daughter and son, both of whom are married and live in the area, and the grandparents of two precious and rambunctious grandsons.

Kris says, "Therapy is all about the relationship.  During the first session, we will together be determining if ours is a good fit.  Your concerns will be heard in a supportive environment.  I will be as honest as possible in providing feedback and recommendations for treatment". 

Concerns that may bring you to therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • Relationship issues

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse

  • Family of origin issues

  • Self-esteem

  • Parenting

  • Caring for aging parents

  • Identity or orientation issues

  • Grief and loss

  • Addiction aftercare

Therapeutic Counseling Services Pricing

Therapy Session, 50-55 minutes, $160

Kris Is a Preferred One in-network provider and a HealthPartner's tier 2 provider. Many other insurance companies offer out-of-network benefits which can also help with the cost of therapy.  Check with your insurance carrier or HR person to determine what benefits are available to you.

Payment is due at each session, but Kris is willing to negotiate a payment plan if needed.  She has a few slots open for reduced or sliding scale clients.  Please discuss any concerns about cost or coverage with Kris directly. 

To schedule an appointment with Kris, please call her directly: 612.223.6784

Bobby Sullivan

Bobby Sullivan

Intuitive, Past-Life Regression Facilitator & Reiki Practitioner


Nothing about Bobby Sullivan's quick wit and laid-back approach speaks of his unusual gifts. Take a closer look, though, and you'll find that Bobby ventured down a road that has taken him a long way from where he started. After a long career as a senior executive in the Minneapolis advertising industry, Bobby developed his intuitive and healing abilities possessed from an early age.
In 1998, Bobby signed up for a class taught by well-known author Echo Bodine. “Meeting Echo for the first time was like seeing a long-lost friend. We quickly became close, and after a year of being her student, she asked me to work along side her as a teaching assistant," Bobby says.  In early 2005 Bobby partnered with Echo to open up “The Center,” a healing and teaching facility located in South Minneapolis.
Bobby has since left “The Center” and offers classes on numerous meta-physical topics at different venues around the country. As well as developing his practice as a healer, ghost buster, and past-life regression facilitator, Bobby is respected for his aura energy readings. During these sessions he uses his intuitive abilities to interpret the auras of his clients he photographs with his aura-imaging equipment. “It is really fun for people to actually see how what is happening in their lives can show up in their auras," he explains.

“The energy of the world is changing quickly,” Bobby says. “My mission is to be a catalyst for people who are looking to understand, embrace, and find their place in this change. The last undiscovered frontier is going to be the ability to explore what’s inside of each one of us. I hope my work can spread some light for people that are willing to take this journey”.


Work with Bobby in Lakeville and Mendota Heights