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Meet the Soltec Lounge

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This new mind-body technology embeds music, vibration, and magnetic fields into a body-curved chair that induces deep states of relaxation and meditation to dramatically reduce stress. Nicknamed the Meditation Lounge by Green Lotus, it was created right here in Minnesota by Doctor of Neurology Dan Cohen, M.D., and has been perfected during 19 years of intense research and development.

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10 days for $50, 25-min sessions

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The Science of the Meditation Lounge

Support the Brain's Natural Healing Mechanisms

Stress drains our brains and our bodies. Eighty percent of Americans report having at least one stress-related health symptom caused by being in a continual flight-or-flight response pattern. The stress response robs us of vitality and collectively costs us billions of dollars in health care annually.  Stress can  trigger everything from cancer to depression and auto-immune disorders.

In the Meditation Lounge you're eased into a deeper relaxation/meditative brain-wave frequency so you can recalibrate your nervous system to a more ideal, calm state

Ease the Mind – Heal the Body : It Starts with the Brain

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The Meditation Lounge, using music, synchronous vibrations, magnetic fields, and a zero-gravity design, calms the part of the brain that triggers the fight-flight response, causing stress hormones to  flow and to continuously weaken the body and mind. As stress levels drop, the brain enters deeper levels of restorative relaxation and meditation and reframes the fight-flight reactions. When stress hormones recede, healing occurs physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. If you like guided meditation, Yoga Nidra, or other mindfulness practices like meditation or prayer – or if you struggle to find the benefits of them –  the Meditation Lounge is an epic, and accessible, tool for enhancing your practice. The healing power of meditation and intentional relaxation - practiced consistently - has many medically backed, scientifically supported benefits.


Initially I called it the "happy chair", but after five years of using the Soltec Meditation Lounge, it has become so much more. I no longer take medication for high blood pressure and my chronic sciatica pain has gone away. I am a happier person and its been an incredible experience. I am very grateful.
- Wendy

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Decrease Stress & Cultivate Relaxation & Happiness

The Soltec Lounge – the Meditation Lounge - restores mindfulness  in the present moment and helps ground us in a way we rarely experience in our fast-paced lives. We become aware of how it feels to be rather than to do. We begin to develop the gift of mindfulness and to move toward a calmer, heart-centered approach to living life rather than a brain-centric one. When you give your body and mind this chance to unwind, you cultivate a more fertile ground for calm, presence, ease, and happiness.


The Meditation Lounge’s Features

You will find privacy in a beautiful, quiet, and softly lit environment that supports letting go. Once settled, the following features of the Meditation Lounge will encourage deeper levels of rest.

The Music

Music has been specifically designed for this technology. It is layered – multiple melodies play simultaneously, causing the music to fade into the distance as you develop a profoundly relaxed and inattentive state of being.  The music also is designed to preferentially stimulate and also ground the lower chakras of the human energy system. High-quality ear phones help to deepen the sense of peace and tranquility. In this quiet, calm space, the upper chakras open to awareness and higher levels of consciousness.

The Sound

The seat transducer is a key component of the technology. It creates pleasant, synchronous vibrations and a dynamic magnetic field containing bass- and mid-range frequencies. 


The Seating

The Meditation Lounge seating can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort because of its curvy zero-gravity design. You can adjust it manually to recline your body with ease and support.


Experience a New Level of Rest & Relaxation

Meditation Lounge Drop-In Rates & Package Pricing

Reduce unnecessary stress and improve your health. The benefits are cumulative; with each session you will drop into a peaceful state that stays with you long after you've left the lounge.

Intro Offer
buy – $50

10 Days of 25min Sessions

First Session
Buy – $20

25min Session
Buy – $29

25min 4-pack *
Buy – $80

25min 8-pack *
Buy – $125

50min Session
Buy – $49

50min 4-pack *
Buy – $160

50min 8-pack *
Buy – $250

25min Add-On


Add on to a massage or healing service.

* Packages expire six months from date of purchase. Expired Meditation Lounge packages can be extended for another six months by purchasing another session package or paying a $20 renewal fee within 60 days of expiration.


I've been meditating for over a decade. The meditation lounge helps me get into a deeper state of meditation and relaxation more quickly and easily. Afterwards I feel very relaxed, happy, and "floaty".


Meditation Lounge Session FAQs

What should I wear to my session?
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting, casual clothes.

Do I need to bring anything else?
No. Everything you might need from a neck rest to music and earphones will be provided to you.

What are the benefits of the Meditation Lounge?

  • Decreased stress with a decrease in serum cortisol levels

  • Lower blood pressure and levels of “bad” cholesterol

  • Insomnia relief (with substantial reduction in sleep aids)

  • Chronic pain reduction

  • Growth in both gray and white brain matter

  • Decreased substance use

  • Easing of the aging process, especially for long-term meditators

  • Longer telomeres, the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes much like the plastic ends of a shoelace. If these ends fray, DNA strands become damaged, and our cells cannot do their jobs.

  • Increased memory

  • Improved relationships and increased self-esteem

  • Greater ability to focus and concentrate

  • Increased creativity

What will I experience?
During the first session, most people experience profound relaxation as they drift between wakefulness and drowsiness. Some even fall asleep for periods of time. In later sessions, people experience greater levels of awareness and deep physical, emotional, and mental relaxation.

But what should I do?
It’s simple: Fall asleep and allow the technology to wake you up. Or deeply relax into a meditative state at a higher level of consciousness.

What if I start thinking?
When you observe yourself thinking, direct your attention to your body and breath. Simply feel how relaxed you are becoming and allow yourself to simply relax again. Repeating this simple process of feeling the body and letting go will allow you to quickly learn how to produce profound levels of relaxation – physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is part of the healing process often overlooked by western medicine.

Can people resume normal activities after a session?
After a session, people feel very relaxed, but they are very quickly able to reengage in their normal daily affairs. If they choose to relax after a session, they will simply retain a more profound state of relaxation than they are normally accustomed. Meditation Lounge sessions can be quite restorative and potentially interfere with sleep if experienced too close to normal bedtime hours.

May I use other music?
We recommend using the layered music provided; however, any music can be used. The provided layered music is designed to be pleasant, and, although listeners hear the music, they generally don’t actively listen to it. This process aids in turning off the brain and the stress response. If other music is used, it is best if it is rich in all frequencies, especially bass. This is a significant advantage of the layered music - multiple sound tracks play simultaneously, which provides extremely rich frequency content throughout the session to maximize effectiveness.

Will someone be available to help me and to answer my questions?

Our staff will assist you in using the Meditation Lounge before, during, and after the session until you feel familiar with it. 

Is the Meditation Lounge for everyone?
People with pacemakers should consult their physician before use as the technology produces vibration, which can affect the action of some pacemakers. People with auto-immune challenges and PTSD should choose lower volumes of music and vibration.

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