The Ancient Practice of Chinese Medicine

The philosophy of Green Lotus integrates both Eastern and Western wellness and healing techniques. Chinese medicine and acupuncture have been used for thousands of years. Meet one of our licensed practitioners to find out how this ancient modality can help you and your family naturally without the risk of side effects.

Acupuncture Provided By:

Acupuncture Rates & Packages


Acupuncture sessions may include acupuncture, Chinese dietary therapy, tui na (Chinese therapeutic massage), cupping, Reiki, Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions, and other related modalities at no additional charge.  Our therapists offer slightly different modalities, please call for details. Acupuncture sessions last about an hour. Depending on the provider, the initial visit may take longer.

Acupuncture session, $80

Three acupuncture sessions, $225

Ten acupuncture sessions, $700

New patient acupuncture session, $80 - $110*

*Varies by practitioner, please email for more info.



Marcia brings broad, deep knowledge from both professional and personal experiences to her acupuncture services and that provides special richness to her care. I appreciate her holistic, compassionate, and personal approach – she cares about you as a whole human being.
~ Kim, RN


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been practiced for over 2,000 years and has helped billions of people.  Acupuncture is the insertion of disposable, fine needles into the body at specific points. Acupuncture points are stimulated to balance the movement of energy (qi) in the body to promote natural healing.  Acupuncture is a safe, painless, and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems without side effects.

What to expect from the initial consultation and treatment?

During your initial consultation, you will spend time discussing your health concerns with your acupuncturist and he or she will collect a detailed history. There will be ample time for questions and answers. Expect your acupuncturist to look at your tongue, (please don't brush your tongue or chew gum before your appointment), take your pulse, and possibly palpate acupuncture points. You should wear loose clothes that are comfortable to lie down in for 30 minutes and be sure to eat within four hours of your appointment. Set aside enough time so that you are not rushing to and from your visit. Physical strain immediately before or after acupuncture can weaken your body.


When I started seeing Marcia my husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year. I try to have a very healthy diet and lifestyle and really did not want to go through the hormones, drugs, and expense of IVF. I heard that acupuncture can be helpful with IVF or even without it so we decided to just try acupuncture first. Well, we are pregnant with twins. So I guess I am a double success story!
~ Deanna, fertility patient


Does acupuncture hurt?

No, acupuncture should not hurt.  Sometimes a momentary prick is felt at the insertion of the needle, but most patients say they barely feel the needle go in.  The needle is placed in specific acupuncture points to create stimulation, and therefore the patient most likely will feel different sensations.  Some people describe the sensation as heavy, dull pressure, tingling, and aching, for example.  Most people are amazed by how relaxed they feel during and after the treatment. Acupuncture treatments are comfortable and gentle and patients often fall asleep.

How does acupuncture work?

TCM theory includes the study of fourteen meridians that cover the entire body and connect with organs or organ systems.  Meridians are like rivers inside the body.  Qi (energy), like water in a river, flows through meridians as an invisible current nourishing and energizing every cell, tissue, organ, and muscle.   Acupuncturists develop diagnostic skills to effectively evaluate the quality and quantity of qi flowing within the body, then use tiny needles to stimulate specific points to help nurture your body back to health by helping to resolve energy imbalances.


I have found a calming sense, a peaceful state that happened at the first visit and has been built on ever since. I am a survivor of breast cancer that has metastasized to my bones. Acupuncture with Marcia has brought relief from the bone pain that I was experiencing when I started treatment. I would like to continue on this path of well-being that has made a believer out of me.
~ Dorothy, cancer patient


How many treatments will I need?

This is unique to the individual and the condition that is being treated.  Some people experience immediate relief, others may take months to achieve results.  Chronic conditions usually take longer to resolve than acute ones.  For example, if the problem is acute sometimes improvement is felt after one treatment, and then maybe you will only need three to five treatments to resolve.  On the other hand if you suffer from a chronic condition it may take many treatments to help resolve.

What can I do to prepare for my first visit?

Think about what you would like to accomplish by receiving your acupuncture treatment.  At the first visit, your acupuncturist will ask what the main condition is that you want to be treated for.  It is helpful if you pay attention to your body and the condition that needs attention.  For example, think of words to describe the pain or discomfort you feel.  Also, pay attention to how frequently you notice the condition and what makes it better or worse. Giving your acupuncturist as many details as possible will help them to treat you more effectively. 


I tried acupuncture after having sinus infections for years. I took one round of medicine after another but felt worse and worse. I also had a lot of joint pain. With acupuncture and Marcia’s knowledge of how food was impacting my health my joint pain is gone and only two minor infections this year and they cleared up on their own in a couple of days – and no antibiotics at all.
~ Laurie, chronic sinus infections and weight loss


What conditions can be treated by acupuncture?

According to the World Health Organization and National Institute of Health, acupuncture has proven effective in the treatment of many problems.

Musculoskeletal Disorders
Low back pain, sciatica, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia.

Gastrointestinal Disorders
Food allergies, nausea, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea. 

Respiratory Disorders
Colds, asthma, allergies. 

Gynecological Disorders
PMS, menopausal symptoms. 

Emotional & Neurological Disorders
Depression, anxiety, insomnia, headache, migraine, dizziness.

Ayurveda Consultation

The Life Science & Medicine of Yoga

There is an ancient wisdom that has keys to your unlocked potential and the unique reasons why you think, feel, and behave in certain ways: ayurveda, the medical science of yoga.  Ayurveda literally means "knowledge of life" in sanskrit.  It is the most ancient system of natural health care on the planet today. With its roots in India, ayurveda treats not just ailments but the whole person, with emphasis on preventing disorders through holistic balance.

Ayurveda looks at the individual - physically, spiritually, and mentally - to give you an in-depth understanding of your unique self and what makes you, you.  Come find out more about your innate nature and how you can feel your best.

Ayurveda Consultation Provided By:

Gwen, Thank you so much for the expertise and insight that you provided during my Ayurvedic Consult! I refer back to the written information and program you provided me with when I feel unbalanced. You have made a difference in my quality of life and I am forever grateful! Live, Love, and Laugh!
~ Linda


Individualized consultations include:

You will have a personalized evaluation based on a thorough intake form and interview. The information gathered will reveal your constitution type and possible underlying causes of imbalances in mind, body, and spirit that may eventually cause disease.

  • Dietary guidance

  • Activity prescription

  • Breath work (pranayama)

  • Meditation

  • Mantra

  • Herbal remedies

  • Lifestyle guidance

  • Yoga guidance


Cupping Therapy

Therapeutic Treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine


Cupping is a  therapeutic modality in which glass cups are applied to the skin with suction using either a small hand-pump or a flame. Popular with athletes, yogis, and anyone with sore or tight muscles.

Benefits of Cupping

  • Releases toxins

  • Moves stagnant qi

  • Loosens muscles

  • Encourages blood flow

  • Relieves tension

Cupping Provided By:

Cupping is also included in acupuncture sessions at no extra charge.

Cupping Treatment Rates

30-minutes, $45

Three 30-minute sessions, $105

Guidance & Counseling

Green Lotus Counseling, Guidance & Therapeutic Sessions

Counseling and guidance can help you to more fully appreciate and enjoy your life. It can help you become the sort of person you want to be.  It can help you navigate difficult challenges in your life and find harmony and balance in your relationships. Guidance and counseling can help you heal, grow, and transform.  Honoring both East and West and the dynamic needs of its clients Green Lotus offers traditional counseling options, along with past-life regression, intuitive readings, health realization, hypnotherapy, life coaching, and self-led transformational counseling. Our experienced therapists are here for you when you need them.

Psychotherapy & Therapeutic Counseling

The compassionate and highly-trained therapists at Green Lotus focus on a client's strengths and create a holistic collaborative approach to helping people achieve greater life satisfaction. Rooted in psychotherapy techniques of the West, these therapists appreciate the wisdom from the East also and have dynamic real-life approaches to feeling better and moving forward. 

catherine brightman.jpg
nicole3 portrait 5x7.jpg
Shelly Grant.jpg

Meet Catherine Brightman, MA, LADC, LPCC (Mendota Heights


Meet Nicole Gougeon, MSSW, LICSW (Lakeville)


Meet Shelly Grant, MSW, LICSW (Eden Prairie)


Life Coaching

A professional life coach is a trusted mentor who can help you identify and uncover obstacles that keep you from living your highest potential. This type of one-on-one interaction provides a supportive, non-judgmental relationships to help you achieve your goals in your career, health, relationships, self-development, life transitions, or redefining your life's purpose. The client and therapist take tangible steps to help you identify limiting beliefs, reframe your thoughts and attitudes, relinquish habits that no longer serve you, and create the life of which you dream.

Meet DeDe Hinrichs, (Lakeville & Mendota Heights)

lisa r ver 2 square.jpg

Meet Roger Hinrichs, (Lakeville & Mendota Heights)


Meet Lisa Roesner, (Lakeville)


Intuitive Readings

An intuitive reader's goal is to remind you about your truth. They share information and guidance in a way that helps illuminate your path and motivate you to move forward with ease, peace, and joy. Our intuitive readers deliver profound messages with a very “down to earth” human approach so you can understand the information and easily apply it to your life. 


Meet Amy Vasterling, (Lakeville & Mendota Heights)


Past-Life Regression Therapy

A past-life regression session is a therapeutic way to identify, process, and transform unresolved issues, beliefs, blocks, or attachments.  It is a very simple process that involves going back, remembering what happened, and looking at how you processed the event at the time. If you have not finished something from a time earlier in your life, or even from a previous life, it is possible that you have brought it forward to work on now.


Meet Bobby Sullivan, (Lakeville & Mendota Heights)

Rosen Method Somatic Bodywork & Self-Led Transformational Counseling

Rosen method bodywork balances the nervous system and removes blocks, limiting beliefs, emotional tension and disconnection, unconscious patterns, and pain.   A session engages emotional mindfulness in the embodied self to release stress, old emotions, and beliefs that are stored in the body. This process can create immediate, long-lasting relief from the pain that often accompanies long-held emotional tension. 


Meet Dorothea Hrossowyc, MA, RMPA, ABMP (Lakeville)


Hypnotherapy releases mental and emotional blocks that prevent us from achieving joy and happiness. It is a modality that addresses stress management, anxiety, fears, phobias, weight management, smoking cessation, sleep conditions, and whatever else stands between you and the life you desire. The client and therapist create a plan of empowerment. During a hypnotherapy session you will attain a relaxed state of mind, somewhere between an alert conscious state and sleep. Together with guidance from your therapist, you will work with the subconscious mind to eliminate emotional blocks, reprogram your mind from negative to positive thinking and instill new habits by using a combination of concentration, relaxation, suggesting, and intention. This develops a path to realize your goals and to live your life with joy, freedom, purpose, and direction.

Meet DeDe Hinrichs (Lakeville & Mendota Heights) 


Meet Roger Hinrichs (Lakeville & Mendota Heights)

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Also known as EFT, tapping, and psychological acupressure, this evidence-based modality has been shown in studies to help anxiety. People also use EFT for physical pain, emotional distress, phobias, balancing stress and more. EFT utilizes stimulation of acupressure points to directly effect your nervous system and create balance in body and mind. In your first session you will learn tools to start using EFT immediately anytime you need them.

Meet Therese Naber (Lakeville & Mendota Heights)


Ear Candling

With Acupressure, Head & Neck Massage


Ear candling, also called ear coning is an age-old remedy used to clear the ears and improve general health. A hollow candle-like wax cone is used. One end is placed in the ear, the other end is lit, creating soothing warm smoke that enters the ear canal, loosening and removing ear wax and toxins. Some clients have even reported debris from the sinuses and nasal passages being dislodged and released. Green Lotus uses only all natural beeswax ear candles, not the more common, cheaper paraffin ones that contain chemicals and solvents. The ear candling session also includes massage of the head and neck, pressing of acupressure points that release and open the sinuses, and lymphatic drainage massage.

Ear Candling Practitioners


Julie is a clearly an experienced ear candler and massage therapist. She candled both ears, then gave me a wonderful massage, working my neck, shoulders, and points on my face. My ears feel clearer, I can hear better, and the massage was very relaxing. Plus you would not believe the volume of stuff that came out of my ears! It was crazy.
~ Joti


Ear Candling Treatment Rates

30-minute ear candling with head and neck massage, $55

20-minute ear candling addition to a 60- or 90-minute massage, $40

Infrared Sauna

Bake Your Aching Muscles & Warm Your Soul


What Is Infrared?

Infrared light (experienced as heat) is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum with the ability to penetrate human tissue, giving a soothing, natural warmth. It is naturally occurring from the sun and is the basis for our infrared sauna therapy. Green Lotus' saunas have Solocarbon® infrared technology that is therapeutic: It is 95-99% efficient at heating the body directly rather than simply heating the air. It works to raise the core body temperature to produce a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level where the majority of toxins reside.

How Safe Is Infrared?

Infrared heat is completely safe and healthy for all living things. You can be exposed to infrared light for hours without the risk of burning. Infrared is a naturally occurring output of the sun, but does not contain the harmful UV rays associated with unprotected sunlight. Because infrared heat is so safe, it is used in hospitals to warm newborn infants.

Health Benefits of a Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

A full-spectrum infrared sauna generates a sweat seven times more detoxifying than a traditional sauna.

Our saunas have been designed to encourage the purest form of relaxation and stress-reduction.

Weight Loss
Studies have shown a 30-minute infrared sauna session can burn up to 600 calories.

Heart Health
Our Solocarbon® heaters have been clinically shown to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Pain Relief
Researchers have found therapeutic effects on pain from continuous use of infrared heat therapy.

The skin’s appearance improves as pores open from the deeper sweat induced by our infrared therapy.

Cell Health & Immunity
Stay healthy with the natural preventive properties of our exclusive LED near-infrared heating technology, which aids in cell health, muscle, and overall immunity defense.

Wound Healing
Our advanced LED near-infrared technology has the unique ability to help acne, heal wounds faster, and minimize scarring.


Chromotherapy - Restore Balance with Light

Enjoy the healing effects of light and color therapy to improve overall health and harmony. Each color in the visible light spectrum possesses frequencies of a specific vibration; Each vibration is related to different physical symptoms. 

Sound Therapy - Experience a Musical Massage

Combine the healing effects of sound and vibration to harmonize all systems of the body bringing you to a deeper state of relaxation. Attached at specific locations in the sauna, the sound system uses an amplified audio signal to resonate sound waves to the surface of the sauna.

Full Spectrum - Advanced Blend of Near, Mid, and Far Infrared Heat

Full spectrum is unique in its ability to provide near-, mid-, and far-infrared at optimal wavelengths, based on 56 clinical studies. Customized programs based on your personal health goals are available. 


Choose an Infrared Health Program or Create Your Own

Choose a health program or create your own.

Choose a health program or create your own.

Near Infrared Programs

Skin Purification
Effective for healing the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Near-infrared treatments stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone.

Cell Health
Stimulates the circulatory system and more fully oxygenate the body's cells. Better blood circulation means more toxins flow from the cellular level to the skin's surface to improve cell health, aid in muscle recovery, and strengthen the immune system.

Mid Infrared Programs

Improved Circulation
Heating the muscles with infrared rays produces an increase in blood flow, similar to that seen during exercise. Regular infrared sauna use in the mid range can significantly stimulate blood flow, up to twice the normal rate.

Pain Relief
Infrared heat penetrates tissue, joints, and muscles, to relieve anything from minor aches and pains, to chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia.  Used by medical professional to decrease pain and muscle spasms and to speed up recovery time

Far Infrared Programs

Weight Management
Studies have shown that an infrared sauna session can burn upwards of 600 calories while you relax! As the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories.

Sweating is one of the body's natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Infrared saunas are specifically designed to promote a deep, healthy, and naturally-detoxifying sweat - up to 20% more toxins are released compared to traditional saunas.


Ready to Warm Up to Chill Out?



Sauna Drop-In Rates & Package Pricing

We believe once you try it, you will love it. We have a first-timer's special rate, as well as the ability to add a friend, (yes there is room for two). 

First visit, $20

10-day - one-time introductory offer, $50

1-week of daily sessions - 30-minutes each, $50

Regular drop-in - 30-minutes, $35

Regular drop-in - 45-minutes, $40

Add a friend to any session, $10

15-minute add-on to a massage or healing service, $10

Four sauna sessions, $80*

Eight sauna sessions, $125*

* Packages expire six months from date of purchase and can be used for any length session up to 45 minutes. Expired sauna packages can be extended for another six months by purchasing another class package or paying a $20 renewal fee within 60 days of expiration. This pricing is for Twin Cities locations only. 


Infrared Sauna Memberships - Yoga Members Save*

Flex 4 & Flex 8 Members Save 20%!  Plus Members Save 50%!

Four sauna sessions per month, $59

  • Flex 4 & Flex 8 Members, $47

  • Plus Members, $29

Eight sauna sessions per month, $99

  • Flex 4 & Flex 8 Members, $79

  • Plus Members, $49

Unlimited sauna sessions, $149

  • Flex 4 & Flex 8 Members, $119

  • Plus Members, $75

*  All memberships require a monthly auto-pay and can be cancelled with 30 days notice. Memberships can not be shared and are non-transferable.Yoga members are students with an auto-pay class membership. Membership must be active to receive discounts.

**Sign up for our introductory memberships, and pricing will be guaranteed for at least one year. Requires monthly auto-pay. Sauna memberships are separate from yoga memberships and can be cancelled with 30 days notice. Unused sessions in a given month will carry over up to 30 days as long as membership is active.

No additional charge for sound or light therapy. Sales tax not included in above prices. These prices are for Twin Cities locations only. 

Towels available to rent for $3.

What to Bring to Your Sauna Session & FAQ's

  • Two towels (one to sit on, one to wrap around you)

  • A bottle of water (bottles available for sale or we have free filtered refills)

  • Swim suit or trunks optional - you will be in a private room, and will be sitting on your towel

  • We do not recommend showering for 30 minutes following your sauna session. Simply wipe off your sweat with a towel. Showering while your pores are wide open can put the released toxins back into your system.

  • Do not use if pregnant, have serious inflammation, a fever, a communicable disease, acute bleeding, or are intoxicated. If you have any health concerns it is always best to check with your physician.


Massage Therapy


Green Lotus provides healing therapeutic massage in beautiful, serene treatment rooms by highly-trained and licensed professionals with years of experience. Each therapist offers a wide variety of massage techniques including deep tissue and light-touch relaxation massages - and everything in between. If you are unsure of which type of massage to schedule, you can just schedule a session and our therapist will tailor the session to your needs and preferences or call and our front desk staff can assist you in choosing just the right therapist.

Meet our Massage and Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapists:

Examples of Green Lotus therapeutic massage options:

Clinical Massage
Directed more to a specific area/areas of the body, typically deep tissue. Depending on the therapist, this can include myofascial release, connective tissue therapy, and trigger point therapy.

Deep Tissue
Our therapist will target tight muscles and knots.

Prenatal Massage
For expectant mothers, to ease muscles and mind during pregnancy.

Reflexology is a natural healing art utilizing areas of the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to and affect every part of the body

A soothing and relaxing massage that will lull your body and mind into a state of ease.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork based on an ancient system of healing.  It incorporates massage techniques and acupressure to release your muscles and bring balance to your body.

Sports Massage
A deep tissue massage with added stretches to help the muscles with flexibility.

Swedish Massage
A softer touch massage to help stimulate circulation in the body.


I’ve gone to practitioners that have tended to follow the Deepaks, Horsts, et al. David brings far more profound, original, and authentic gifts to his table. He is a healer, a therapist, a cognitive behavioralist, a teacher, a spiritual bear hug, and a loving kick in the tail all in one. Just being in his presence wakes me up and calms me down. He has the gift of giving each person exactly what he or she needs, in precisely how they can best receive it. I’ve sent many friends to him – from newbies to woo-woo aficionados. Even the most skeptical have had profound experiences. Seeing David rocked my world and continues to lead me to new places in my head and my life. His spiritual oil changes are a necessity.
~ Julie Kucinski


Massage Rates & Packages

60-minute massage, $75

90-minute massage, $105

120-minute massage, $140

Three 60-minute sessions, $205

Three 90-minute sessions, $285

Clinical, reflexology, shiatsu, sports, Swedish, deep tissue, relaxation, prenatal, and Thai yoga massage can be combined in one therapeutic massage package. Packages can be shared by friends and family. Prices do not include applicable sales tax. These prices are for Twin Cities locations only. 

Green Lotus Specialty Massage

For something a little different we offer a number of special massage options. Our philosophy is that massage is an important component to living a healthy life; we strive to offer massage therapy that is personalized and healing. Services vary by location.

Couples Massage

Enjoy a massage in the serene environment of our healing center with your spouse or friend.  A wide variety of massage techniques is available including deep tissue, clinical, sports, relaxation, Swedish, and more. Please call 651.319.9525 to schedule. 

60-minutes, $140

90-minutes, $200


Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a  therapeutic modality in which glass cups are applied to the skin with suction using either a small hand-pump or a flame. Popular with athletes, yogis, and anyone with sore or tight muscles. During this session your therapist will provide both cupping and therapeutic massage appropriate to your health and wellness goals.

30-minutes, $45


Essential Oil Therapy

An essential oil therapy session combines massage, reflexology, acupressure, and a selection of essential oils applied on various locations of the body to bring you into structural and energetic alignment.

60-minutes, $100

60-minutes couples essential oil therapy, $190

Upgrade a 60- or 90-minute massage from your package, $40


Lomi-Lomi Massage

The Hawaiian term lomi lomi means to knead or massage. This art of massage is a powerful form of transformational bodywork. Lomi lomi is designed to enlighten the being in the physical body, bring consciousness and love to the hidden places within, weaving the inner and outer worlds, and integrating intention with self-expression.

1 - 2 hours, $100


Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy helps relieve many discomforts associated with the changes you are experiencing as you prepare for childbirth.  Gentle, nurturing touch helps balance stress, reduce tension and pain, promote relaxation, and prepare the muscles for childbirth. Taking into consideration your individual needs, prenatal massage is done in the side-lying and semi-reclining body positions supported by body pillows for the safety and comfort of you and your baby. Therapeutic massage packages can be used for prenatal massage. 

60-minutes, $75

90-minutes, $105

120-minutes, $140


Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai yoga bodywork is a more active approach performed on a padded floor mat instead of a table. You will remain fully clothed and no oils/lotions need to be applied. The therapist will use various parts of his body to open energy channels and break up toxins that are stored within your body. Passive stretching and gentle pressure along these energy channels releases the skeletal structure, increases your flexibility, and softens your muscle tissue. Therapeutic massage packages can be used for Thai yoga bodywork. 

60-minutes, $75

90-minutes, $105

120-minutes, $140


Targeted 30-Minute Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massage

A concentrated specialized massage to provide relief to your aching, tight neck, shoulders, and back. Perfect for getting comfort when your calendar is jammed.

30-minutes, $45


Warm Stone Therapy

Heated basalt stones glide over your body melting away tension and stress, allowing circulation to increase so toxins are flushed away, and restoring the flow of healing nutrients to muscles. The smooth pressure of the stones and placement on specific tension spots promotes a deep sense of relaxation and well-being and is considered an exceptionally nourishing experience.

75-minutes, $85

Upgrade a 60- or 90-minute massage from your package, $10


I was in such a blissed out state (after my massage) that I put my shoes on before my pants.
~ Dan


Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

Nutritional Weight & Wellness and Green Lotus are partners in wellness and creating positive change from the inside out at all three Green Lotus centers.  Nutritional Weight & Wellness offers life-changing nutrition education to anyone wanting a healthier life.  Imagine how much better your life would be if you had abundant energy, stable moods, a faster metabolism, and overall vibrant, good health. In Nutritional Weight & Wellness group classes and individual counseling sessions you will learn to eat real foods in balance to create vitality from the inside out. 

Counseling with Nutritional Weight & Wellness


If you have a chronic condition, health concerns, or a desire to improve your health and quality of life, nutrition counseling is ideal because a precise eating plan is created for your needs. Each year Nutritional Weight & Wellness helps hundreds of people change their lives by changing their nutrition. Recommendations are based on biochemistry, the latest scientific research, and years of clinical experience. Nutritional Weight & Wellness knows that real food - fresh, clean food - creates health and well-being once you learn how to provide your body with the proper food.

Health conditions commonly addressed by NW&W nutritionists at Green Lotus include: addictive and compulsive eating, asthma, anxiety, arthritis, cholesterol concerns, depression, diabetes, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, fatigue, fertility, heart disease, high blood pressure, menopause, migraines, obesity, osteoporosis, pain, inflammation, PMS, and weight management.

How Counseling Works

  • Prior to your first appointment, you will complete a health history and nutrition questionnaire.

  • At the initial two-hour appointment, a nutritionist will evaluate your health history, nutrition history, and lifestyle to create an individualized eating plan.

  • Together you set goals and develop strategies to implement your new eating plan.

  • Depending on your health history and concerns, the nutritionist may recommend supplements to rebalance your biochemistry or help you adhere to a healthy eating plan.

  • Consultations are available for individuals, couples, and families. We offer multi-session packages that include follow-up visits.

  • Clients who work with our nutrition counselors report feeling and looking better than they have in years and many notice rapid results.


How much does it cost?

Insurance rates:

Two hour initial consultation, $365

One hour follow-up consultation, $160

* Your nutrition counseling appointments may be covered if you are a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. 

Discounted rates for payment at time of service:

Two hour initial consultation, $265

One hour follow-up consultation, $110 ($125 with Darlene)

30-minute mini follow-up consultation, $75 ($80 with Darlene)

Nutritional Weight & Wellness Classes

Nutritional Weight & Wellness offers a variety of classes for you to meet your weight and health goals, from their transformative Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program, to Going Gluten-Free the Healthy Way, to Balanced Foods for Balanced Moods, and so many other options, Nutritional Weight & Wellness will show you how to use real food to feel better, look better, and meet your goals.  To register for a class, or to find out more, visit Nutritional Weight & Wellness.

Schedule an appointment or register for a class with
Nutritional Weight & Wellness

Lakeville: 952-232-4990
Mendota Heights: 651-288-2700
Eden Prairie: 952-641-5235

Note - appointments and classes with Nutritional Weight & Wellness may not be booked online.

Past-Life Regression

past present future.jpg

Many believe that we have lived many lives on this planet. In doing so, we have also experienced different personalities, lifestyles, relationships, and many different lessons. If we have not finished something from a previous life, it is possible that we will bring it forward with us to work on in our current life.

A past-life regression session is a wonderful way to identify, process, and transform unresolved issues, beliefs, or attachments.  It is a very simple process that involves going back and remembering what happened and looking at how you processed the event at the time.

In facilitating a regression Bobby looks for things like unfinished business, limiting vows that you may have made, trauma, or un-grieved loss that occurred, and helps the client reprocess the event and bring completion to it. Not all regressions need to be about problems.  It is also possible to recall positive lifetimes; lifetimes of mastery, gifts, talents, safety, lovability, worthiness, and feelings of entitlement. You may also recognize people in your life now from lives lived long ago.  Past-life regression is a therapeutic process that helps the client find healing and wholeness by embracing the dynamic journey our souls make. 

Past-Life Regression Practitioners

Some things that may indicate a past-life issue in your current life are:

  • Depression

  • Phobias

  • Obsessions

  • Strong sense of mission

  • Prejudice

  • Beliefs of destiny

  • Love at first sight

  • Obesity

  • Self-sacrifice

  • Feelings of not belonging

  • Unworthiness

  • Chronic medical problems

  • Fear of psychic abilities

  • Repeating patterns


Past-Life Regression Session Rate

90-minute session, $125

Private Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, and Fitness Instruction

Explore a safe & profound custom private practice


Green Lotus offers individualized instruction in yoga, meditation, breathing, Pilates, and fitness. Sometimes a student would like instruction to fit their unique situation and needs.  We have a number of highly trained teachers who can help you meet your goals. Whether you are suffering from back pain, would like a yoga routine customized to balance your constitution, or just prefer an individualized approach - we have an option for you.


Twin Cities

Private Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, and Fitness Instructors


Private Yoga, Meditation, and Fitness Instructors

Private Instruction Rates & Packages 

Private instruction sessions accommodate up to two people, so bring a friend or family member.  $10 each for additional students.  If you don't see a time that works to see your favorite instructor email us. 

30-minute session, $35

60-minute session, $65

90-minute session, $85

Three 30-minute sessions, $90

Three 60-minute sessions, $180

Six 30-minute sessions, $180

60-minute private group class, $100


Reiki & Energy Healing

Energy healing is a gentle non-invasive therapeutic approach to health, healing, and balance. People seek out energy work for a variety of health and life challenges. The soothing and nourishing nature of energy work helps to clear, balance, and energize the human energy system, thus promoting physical, emotional, mental, and energetic healing.

Reiki and energy healing are now part of patient care systems in many hospitals in the United States. Because of the effective results seen over recent years, energy healing has been actively researched and more than 50 studies have been completed at universities, medical centers, and in other settings.

Green Lotus offers three types of energy healing sessions: reiki, hands-on healing, and healing touch. In addition, we also have three levels of reiki training for those who would like to learn how to use reiki's healing energy on themselves, loved ones, and even pets, or for those seeking to start their own practice. 

What to Expect from a Reiki or Energy Healing Session

Sessions are done in one of our serene treatment rooms, while lying comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, with blankets and pillows. Practitioners use their hands with light or near-body touch.  During a session, the energy of your body becomes more balanced, and is better able to release stress, leading to a more relaxed state of being. It is said that energy healing opens and aligns the chakras.

Reiki & Energy Healing Practitioners

Why People Seek Reiki & Energy Healing

  • Pain Control

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Pre/post surgical procedures

  • Depression

  • Headaches/migraines

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Wound and fracture healing

  • Cancer

  • PMS

  • Back and neck pain

  • Infertility issues

  • Arthritis

  • Disease prevention

  • Rehabilitation

  • General well-being

  • Spiritual enhancement

  • PTSD


I have been visiting David for reiki for over three years. He is an incredibly gifted practitioner, extremely professional, knowledgeable, and flexible in scheduling appointments. David truly does have a mastery of reiki. He is fully present during sessions and provides me with the best experience possible so that I may go back out into the world feeling a little lighter, more at peace, and calmer. It is the little things that David does that add to the experience, working with rune stones, crystals, or listening for fifteen more minutes than the scheduled time.
~ S. Stone




Although reiki dates back 2,500 to 3,000 years it was rediscovered in the 1800’s by Dr. Usui, who believed that Reiki had been accessible to all people at one time. Reiki’s soothing and balancing energy can be useful for ourselves, our loved ones, and even our pets.  It can be used to restore and nourish the body of every day life stressors. Reiki is used to aid the bodies natural ability to heal headaches, exhaustion, colds, sleeplessness, injuries, and other forms of “dis-ease”.   Rei: means universe, Ki: life force energy.

Hands-On Healing

The healing energy that hands-on healing practitioners manifest during a session can affect your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  It works to help you bring these energies into balance and provides a way for you to create a space for your own healing to take place. The work is based on asking God to work through the healer and bringing the healing energy to the client.  Hands-on healing can help in releasing old patterns stuck in the subconscious and supports the client's growth and healing on many levels. 

Healing Touch

Healing touch is built upon a philosophy that when we heal from the heart with our touch we become conduits for the healing energies of God. Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry has a spiritual focus that uses touch to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and healing. It is based on a heart-centered relationship in which the practitioner and the client come together energetically to facilitate the clients health and healing. The goal in a session is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system, placing the client in a position to self-heal.


Reiki, Hands-On Healing, and Healing Touch Rates & Packages*

60-minute session, $75

90-minute session, $105

Three 60-minute sessions, $205

Three 90-minute sessions, $285

 *All energy healing styles may not be available for couples or 90-minute sessions; sessions with David Kaley are 1 - 2 hours and cost $65; packages don't apply for sessions with David Kaley, please call with questions or for details.

Shiatsu Therapy

The aim of Shiatsu is to restore balance to the body and make it stronger, assisting the body to heal itself.  Shiatsu works on the flow of ‘life force energy’ or ‘qi’. Oriental medical practitioners believe that our energy flows throughout our bodies via energetic pathways which are known as meridians or energy channels. If the qi becomes blocked in any of these channels, illness, pain, imbalance, or disease (dis-ease) can result. It has been shown that shiatsu is effective in calming the sympathetic nervous system and improving the function of the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymph nodes, endocrine glands, and internal organs. In addition, it has been shown that shiatsu assists the body in eliminating toxins and metabolic waste, thereby acting as a preventative health measure, as well as assisting chronic and acute health conditions.


Shiatsu Practitioners

How is shiatsu different than a regular massage?

Shiatsu therapy uses specific, rhythmic techniques of pressing, holding, kneading, stretching, and tapping along meridians and acupuncture points to regulate body functioning and create balance. The amount of pressure is applied according to your specific condition – as determined by the intake, and your tolerance, ranging anywhere from light touch to deep tissue. No oils are used and loose clothing is worn during the session. Your practitioner may also take your pulse or use other diagnostic techniques to customize the massage for your maximum benefit.

Spa Packages

Inner Peace Retreat at Green Lotus

No matter what you are celebrating, make it an occasion to remember at Green Lotus with a day of pampering for you and your friends! Choose a combination of two or more of the following services, and we will customize a package just for you at a 5% savings from individual appointments. Or, choose one of our popular combinations below for even greater savings..

  • Massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Thai Yoga Massage

  • Reiki or Healing Touch

  • Reflexology

  • Meditation

  • Private Yoga or Meditation Class

  • Infrared Sauna Session


Pamper Packages

90-Minute Spa Package

  • 60-Minute Massage
  • 30-Minute Sauna Session *
buy — $80

120-Minute Spa Package

  • 90-Minute Massage
  • 30-Minute Sauna Session *
buy — $110

Couples/Friends Package

  • (2) 60-Minute Massages
  • 30-Minute Shared Sauna Session
  • A day of self-care for both of you!
buy — $154

Balance & Release Package

  • 45-Minute Private Meditation or Yoga Instruction
  • 15-Minute Sauna Session
  • 60-Minute Acupuncture for Stress Relief or Massage
acupuncture — $130 massage — $130

* Sauna session may be split into 15-minute segments  before and after massage *


Group Events, Birthday Celebrations & Team Stress Relief


Mix and match from the following, to customize an unforgettable and deeply nourishing experience for your group.

  • 60-Minute Private Yoga Class

  • 45-Minute Group Acupuncture for Stress Relief

  • 15-Minute Chair Massage

  • 15-Minute Sauna Session


Prices and services customized for you. Call or email for more information.

“Thank you for making my 40th birthday so special. My friends and I left Green Lotus feeling younger and stress free!”
- Natalie

Not sure what service to get for someone?

Thai Yoga Bodywork & Massage

Thai Yoga Bodywork.JPG

Thai yoga bodywork is a more active approach to bodywork that is performed on a padded floor mat instead of a table. You will remain fully clothed and no oils or lotions need to be applied. The therapist will use various parts of his or her body to open energy channels and break up toxins that are stored within your body. Passive stretching and gentle pressure along these energy channels releases the skeletal structure, increases your flexibility, and softens your muscle tissue.


Meet our Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapists

Thai Yoga Bodywork Rates & Packages

Lakeville and Mendota Heights - Rates for sessions with Pablo Charis and Mariah Bowen below. Therapeutic massage packages apply. Tax not included.

60-minutes, $75
90-minutes, $105
Three 60-minute sessions, $195
Three 90-minute sessions, $270

Annandale - Rates for sessions with Robin Davidson below. Tax not included.

60-minutes, $70
75-minutes, $90
90-minutes, $100

Eden Prairie - Rates for sessions with Jamie Reinbold below. Tax not included.

60-minutes, $80
90-minutes, $110
120-minutes, $140
Three 60-minute sessions, $215
Three 90-minute sessions, $300
Three 120-minute sessions, $390